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Xtreme Racers
Xtreme Racers - TVShop
Xtreme Racers - TVShop
Xtreme Racers - TVShop
Xtreme Racers - TVShop
Xtreme Racers - TVShop
Xtreme Racers - TVShop
Xtreme Racers - TVShop

Xtreme Racers

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Introducing the wall climbing gravity defying Xtreme Racers! The most insane remote control cars you've ever seen. Now you can really drive yourself up a wall, and when the lights go down the race track lights up. Its super suction design holds it tight on any flat surface. You can even race it upside down and its powerful high torque engine zooms it from one end of the room to the other. Barrel along baseboards, dash around the doors, wind around windows - with incredible 360-degree turns it’s the most insane remote control car you’ve ever seen.

Brand New Experience with Toy Car 


    Gravity Defining Track Pack Our Xtreme Racer comes with 9.1 meters of glow-in-the-dark rope that threads through the track cones to create a racecourse that you design. There are 14 track cones and 4 start/finish cones that are included. Our track pack also includes 4 hazard puddles and 4 oil slicks to keep the race interesting. The gravity defining track pack gear does not leave marks on walls or other furniture.
    The Remote Control Charges your Xtreme Racer Simply turn your remote control to the "on" position while making sure that the Xtreme Racer car is in the "off" position & open the clear storage case cover. Take the charging cable that is built-in to your remote control and plug it into the Xtreme Racer, that's it!
    Durable and Reliable Design Xtreme Racer isn't your average wall climbing rc car - our newly designed race car shell is durable to assure a reliable and long life for your Xtreme Racer. Take a look at our little step-by-step design process in the image section!
    Up to 3 Racers Can Play at the Same Time  To race together make sure all controllers and cars are in the "off" position. The first racer must select the first channel (A), turn on their controller then turn on their Xtreme Racer. The other 2 players must do the same - except each channel must be different.

    1 x Xtreme Racer Car

    1 x Charging Station

    1 x Track Pack Accessories:

    -          14 Track Cones

    -          4 Start/Finish Cones

    -          4 Hazard Puzzles

    -          4 Oil Slicks30ft Glow in the Dark Track Rope

    -      30ft Glow in the Dark Track Rope


    5 AA batteries required.

    Item Weight: 0.5 kg

    Package dimensions:
    27 x 26 x 9 cm