Walkmaxx Fit 3.0
Walkmaxx Fit 3.0
Walkmaxx Fit 3.0
Walkmaxx Fit 3.0
Walkmaxx Fit 3.0

Walkmaxx Fit 3.0

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Stay fit with Black Fit

To keep fit, you don’t need to visit the gym or run for miles. You can simply walk! Black Fit shoes were designed to help you walk better&longer, without pressure or pain. They activate your muscles while ensuring proper feet position and movement. The perfect choice for all who look for a solution for their achy or swollen feet and for those looking for a more active life.

This best-seller will impress you with the way it will change your health and well-being for the better. Its rounded sole and its ability to adapt to any foot shape without applying pressure points on the foot arch results in improved walking and posture, and nothing but the most comfortable feeling. It will motivate you to keep going, wherever your heart takes you.



  • Relief from Pain In Joints, Knees And Lower Back
    Wider sole for stable step and support for the whole foot area
    Easy Fitting For quick putting on and off, but still a secure fit
    Stretchable upper to accommodate any foot shape
    Helps improve posture


    1 x Walkmaxx Fit 3.0

    Product Composition: Rubber and Fabric
    Country of Design: UK
    Country of Manufacture: China