Velform Brush & Dry

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Velform Brush & Dry

Aren’t you tired of having to wait for your hair to dry before you can style it? Or drying your hair and having to comb through the knots after only having to tug and pull your hair?

The Velform Brush & Dry is a 2 in 1 hair dryer and styler that provides you with professional salon results for a fraction of the price. Now you can dry, te tangle and straighten your hair all at once without damaging your hair!
Super simple and easy to use. Simply attach the Brush attachment to the Velform Brush & Dry handle and brush through your hair as you would with a normal brush. After, you'll see dry, smooth, silky and styled hair! Achieve all this in one step with this one product!


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*This Offer does not apply on Velform Brush & Dry Pro.

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