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Twister Dryer - TVShop

Twister Dryer

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Does your home become an indoor clothesline every time it rains? But your clothes don’t dry, they can stain, get musty, mildew and stinky. Conventional dryers take up too much room, they’re expensive and waste too much energy. They thrash, wear-out and shrink your clothes.

Introducing the amazingly gentle Twister Dryer! The secret is the tornado of hot air that dries your clothes in as little as ten minutes. Simply hang up to 18 garments, or 9 kilos of clothing, to dry. Best of all you can forget about ironing!

Simply hang your freshly washed clothes, cover and zip closed, set the timer and carry on with your day. In as little as 10 minutes you’ll have fresh-smelling, dry clothes ready to wear.

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