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Solar Buzz Kill

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Help protect against pesky bugs and insects with this handy solar buzz kill.

 A safe, hygienic and chemical-free way to get rid of flies, mosquitoes and unwanted insects. It is environmental protection economy. The blue plasma light attracts the flying pests and the live wire eliminates them quickly and effectively. With the solar panel there is no need for wiring or battery costs, the solar panel simply harnesses the sun’s rays and stores the energy in the rechargeable batteries for use.

The compact design, along with the four suction mounting pads, means the device can be easily transported and fitted to wherever it is needed. This makes it ideal for family picnics, days out or even for those enjoyable evenings out in the garden.
It is portability to placed almost anywhere. You can even take it on the road with you while traveling. If you are primarily concerned about flies or moths, Solar Buzz Kill may be a good fit for you.