Recover You Pillow
Recover You Pillow
Recover You Pillow
Recover You Pillow

Recover You Pillow

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Do you struggle to get a good night’s rest? Do you wake up tired every morning? You are not alone, 7 out of 10 people suffer from sleep problems!

But now there is a new way to recover your sleep and energy with The all NEW RecoverYou Pillow! The next generation pillow that will revolutionize the way you sleep!

The secret is that every RecoverYou pillow is infused with breakthrough graphene technology (the biggest discovery in the last 10 years for its superconducting properties) to help dissipate the static energy that you absorb throughout the day to provide total relaxation and a good night sleep.

And if you are looking for refreshing night sleep, just flip the pillow over and try our brand new “Cool technology” that lowers the temperature up to 6 degrees to keep you fresh and cool throughout the night!

But there’s more! Recover-You guarantees the best support and comfort because it’s made with 1,2kgs of our patented high-resilience, open cell foam that adapts perfectly to the shape of your head, neck and shoulders and it will never lose its shape, keeping your neck supported and aligned with a custom fit.

This is the last pillow you will ever need. Recover your energy and recover your life with the Recover-You pillow


    1.    Dissipates the static energy you absorb throughout the day

    2.    High Resilience Foam - Adapts perfectly to your head, neck and shoulders

    3.    Flip-able: Cool side and Graphite side

    4.    Waterproof, machine washable cover


    1 x Recover You Pillow




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      60 cm


     1.5 Kg