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Pizza Chef - TVShop
Pizza Chef - TVShop
Pizza Chef - TVShop
Pizza Chef - TVShop
Pizza Chef - TVShop
Pizza Chef - TVShop
Pizza Chef - TVShop

Pizza Chef

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Millions of Pizza Lovers around the world are finding out that it is now possible to cook a perfect gourmet pizza, thin crust or thick right on the stove top without ever turning on their oven. Introducing Pizza Chef, the revolutionary all new pan that cooks mouth-watering pizza right on the stovetop in just minutes using any cooktop; electric, gas, or induction!

Pizza Chefs patented design ensures that your crust is always cooked perfectly and the toppings are mouth wateringly diving. This incredible chefs quality pizza system will save you loads of time waiting for delivery pizza that arrives cold, or having to pre-heat the oven to cook frozen pizzas that are loaded with chemicals and sodium. The secret is Pizza Chefs breakthrough design with a chefs quality cast aluminum base skillet, prep and insert tray that keeps your dough just off the bottom so it cooks perfectly and a uniquely designed stainless steel lid that heats up and reflects all the heat right back down on top of your pizza. The key to a good pizza is heat and a lot of it – and with Pizza Chef it's like a 500 plus degree brick oven right on your stove top!

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Gourmet Pizza Every Time


    Cooks pizzas on your stove top in under 10minutes
    No Oven Required!
    Works on all cooktops
    Dishwasher Safe Accessories

    1 x Pizza Chef

    -Available in 12inch (30.5cm) and 8inch (20.3cm) sizes

    i.e. will cook pizzas with diameters up to 12inch or 8inch respectively

Pizza Chef Features 

- Cooks pizzas on your stove top in under 10 minutes

- No oven required!

- Insert tray keeps the dough off the bottom off the pan to cook evenly and not burn

- High quality stainless steel lid with handle - Solid chefs quality cast aluminium pan base

- Insert and lid lower down and lock in to place - Built in vents allow steam to escape to ensure even cooking

- Handles remain cool to the touch

- Works on all cooktops – electric, gas, induction etc