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Pillow Pad - TVShop
Pillow Pad - TVShop
Pillow Pad - TVShop
Pillow Pad - TVShop
Pillow Pad - TVShop
Pillow Pad - TVShop

Pillow Pad

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Introducing Pillow Pad, the tri-ledge design that gives you three perfect viewing angles, whether you're lying down, sitting up, or standing.


Pillow Pad is made from a breakthrough cushioned foam that's ultra lightweight and super soft to comfortably rest in your lap. Plus, it's firm enough so you can swipe, wipe or type with precision and speed! Because of the non-slip fabric and innovative ledge design, it securely holds virtually all of your devices, large and small! And here's the best part - with three perfect viewing angles, Pillow Pad adjusts with you!

  • Makes viewing any device hands-free, wherever you happen to be.
  • Best Seller in Portable Accessories
  • Perfect for all devices Large or Small
  • Rotate to Find the View that's Best for You
  • Three Perfect Viewing Angles for Electronic Devices & Printed Materials

*colour - light grey

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    • Flip for the perfect viewing angle
    • View hands-free and comfortably
    • Soft, sturdy and lightweight
    • Great for ipads, books, tablets and more!

    1x Pillow Pad






     13.78 cm


     24.25 cm


    3.1 kg

How To Use

  • Place In Lap

To get started with your Pillow Pad 360, place it in your lap with one of the ledges at the bottom and no ledge at the top. If you rotate the stand in a full (vertical) circle, you'll notice that it actually has three different ledges, and that'll give you a choice between three different viewing angles. In the event that the first angle you start with doesn't suit you, just rotate the device in a full or partial circle until you find an angle you like.

  • Add Device Or Book

Next, you can add a device or book to your stand by placing it on the ledge. If this first one is small enough, you may even be able to fit another one on the stand beside it, if necessary. That way, you'll be able to do something like work on your tablet while you text a friend, or read a novel while you take notes about it on your tablet. You'll notice that the foam used to create each stand is sturdy enough that when you touch any digital device with your fingers, the stand won't lose its shape.

  • Put Items In Pocket (Optional)

Every Pillow Pad 360 comes with a side pocket made of mesh that you can add small objects to, such as glasses or a couple of pencils or pens. If you decide to do so, just be sure you don't add more than two or three items and overload the pocket, which could cause it to rip.


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