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Designer Brow

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Bold eyebrows are in! But yours are shapeless and thin?

Introducing Designer Brow! The new way to create full, designer brows with perfect shape and symmetry in less than one second!

The secret is its perfectly shaped designer arch and microfibre powder that instantly creates totally natural, thicker-looking eyebrows. Best of all, it won’t smudge or smear.

Just press, and you’re ready to impress with Designer Brow!

  • Fast, easy application;
  • Repair over-plucked or aging eyebrows right at home;
  • Get totally natural, thicker-looking eyebrows;
  • Restore shapeless, thin eyebrows to natural-looking beauty; 
  • Youthfull, filled-in eyebrows ina a fraction of the time;
  • Eliminate expensive salons, waxing, makeup & micro-blading;
  • You control the colour - the harder you press, the darker the shade;
  • No messy smudger or smears;
  • Choose from two colour in classic shape: light to medium or dark.

Main Product Benefits

  • Perfectly shaped designer arch created natural, thicker eyebrows
  • Won’t smear or smudge
  • Transform your eyebrows fast and easy
  • Full designer brow in one second!

Product Benefits

  • 1x Left Stamp
  • 1x Right Stamp
  • 1x Brow Powder