Cucina Steel 4 Piece Cookware Set
Cucina Steel 4 Piece Cookware Set
Cucina Steel 4 Piece Cookware Set
Cucina Steel 4 Piece Cookware Set

Cucina Steel 4 Piece Cookware Set

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Non-stick pans aren’t always non-stick and they can easily scratch and even burn your food. Do you buy non-stick pans and yet they always disappoint? You end up scrubbing and soaking and you still end up with a sticky burnt on mess. Well not anymore! Introducing Cucina Steel, the frying pan infused with revolutionary moon finish non-stick technology.

You can make a creamy cheesy delicious risotto that will slide out every time and just clean up with a few swipes. You can quickly cook fluffy breakfast omelettes that never stick, scrumptious salmon that is evenly cooked and light an airy luxurious desert crapes and nothing ever sticks with Cucina Steel. With non-stick coating this powerful you’ll never have to use oil, butter, or fat ever again.

The secret to Cucina Steel is the non-stick moon textured coating finish that offers the highest grade non-stick available on the market. Inspired by the molted shining surface of the moon, the pan’s slightly rough surface allows air to circulate underneath and around the food. For a faster cooking time with a reduced chance of burning and all without any additional butter, oil, or fat.


    - Optimal heat distribution and even cooking
    - Inspired by the mottled surface of the moon
    - Five-layer ULTRA nonstick scratch-resistant coating
    - Unique EIGHT LAYER design guarantees the most durable pan
    - Cucina Steelworks on gas, electric, halogen, ceramic, induction and solid hotplate
    - Sleek and stylish steel outer finish - Grill, sear, saute, bake, stew and more
    - Guaranteed never to warp - Oven safe up to 230°C
    - Easy to clean

    - 1 x 28cm Pan
    - 1 x 24cm Pan + Vented Lid
    - 1 x 24cm Casserole Pot 
    - 1 x Master Cook Book