Copper Chef Bake and Crisp

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To help support our local community we'd like to donate $5 from every order towards the victims of the Christchurch tragedy* 💕 #WeStandTogether

Copper Chef Bake and Crisp

The Copper Chef Bake and Crisp includes everything you need to bake, roast, portion and even air fry meals in one!

Easy-Lift Tray means you can serve up your delicious creations in seconds, with no sticking. Dividers double as heat-distribution panels, ensuring all your food is cooked quickly and evenly. Use the adjustable divider as a mould to shape perfect, pre-sliced brownies and cakes. Simply pour in the batter in and then slide in the dividers to separate the mixture into perfect slices.

The copper-coloured Cerami-Tech coating means that nothing sticks to your pan. There’s no need for any additional oil or butter, so you can dry-fry to create healthier meals.

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