Angel Sleeper Pillow
Angel Sleeper Pillow
Angel Sleeper Pillow

Angel Sleeper Pillow

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Introducing Angel Sleeper by Bambillo, the revolutionary new posture pillow designed to give back and side sleepers a better nights sleep for an energized day. The Angel Sleeper is formed with special sleep posture contours and adaptive memory foam for proper spine and neck alignment that reduces pressure on your body for perfect rest and recovery.

For side sleepers the cradle design supports you in the optimal side sleep posture while the unique side cutout rests your arm in the perfect position to help reduce stress on your shoulders.

For back sleepers reverse the Angel Sleeper to the neck cradle for perfect sleep alignment to help reduce aches and stiffness in the neck, shoulders and back.


    1.    Formed with superior adaptive memory foam

    2.    Posture-correct contours for proper spine and neck alignment

    3.    Helps reduce pressure and stress on your body


    1 x Angel Sleeper Pillow


    Memory foam, cotton, polyester, copper