TVSCP Extended Warranty Agreement

TVShopCarePlus (TVSCP) Extended Warranty gives an extension to the standard Manufacturer’s Warranty that comes with your Product.

TVSCP Extended Warranty Cover - Our TVSCP Extended Warranty offers extended warranty cover for eligible Products that you purchase from us. Cover starts when the Manufacturer’s Warranty expires, and the period of cover will depend on your Product (this period will be notified to you before you purchase your TVSCP Extended Warranty). Your cover will not expire if you make a claim.

Can I cancel my TVSCP Extended Warranty? - You may cancel your TVSCP Extended Warranty at any time during the 30 day-money back guarantee period or the risk-free trial period. You just need to notify us that you wish to cancel by contacting us at the contacts given below.  Any amount you have paid for the TVSCP Extended Warranty will be refunded. You are also entitled to cancel at any time if we have failed to comply with our disclosure obligations under the Fair Trading Act 1986 (NZ Customers). If you decide to cancel, you will receive a full refund of the price paid for the TVSCP Extended Warranty.

Comparison of your rights - A comparison of your rights under the Manufacturer’s Warranty, the NZ Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 (CGA) or consumer guarantees under the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) and your TVSCP Extended Warranty is set out in the table below:

When can I purchase a TVSCP Extended Warranty? - You can purchase a TVSCP Extended Warranty for your Product within 30 days of the Purchase Date.

What is the date of my TVSCP Extended Warranty agreement? - Your TVSCP Extended Warranty is entered into on the date of the Invoice. However, the period of cover is the date described in the table above.

How much does a TVSCP Extended Warranty cost? - The total price payable for a TVSCP Extended Warranty will depend on your Product this will be notified to you before you purchase a TVSCP Extended Warranty. It will be stated on your Invoice, which will be provided to you when you purchase the TVSCP Extended Warranty.

What to do if a fault occurs? - Firstly, review the Manufacturer’s Product Manual and instructions as this may assist you to identify the issue(s) and advise you how to remedy the fault. If the problem continues and the Manufacturer’s Warranty period has expired, please contact us:

How to contact us and how to make a claim:

Warrantor: Brand Developers Limited
Address: Unit H, 686 Rosebank Road, Avondale, Auckland 1026, New Zealand

What happens under the TVSCP Extended Warranty if my Product can’t be repaired? - If your Product is found to have a fault which is covered by this TVSCP Extended Warranty and which can’t be repaired, or if we choose at our discretion not to repair it, we will either offer a similar replacement product (based on the like kind and quality, with the nearest comparable features and benefits based on current technology), or a refund. Replacement products are not always available. If this is the case, we will offer you a refund to the value of your original purchase.


Exclusions – when you can’t claim under the TVSCP Extended Warranty

You can’t claim under the TVSCP Extended Warranty if:

  • you incorrectly assembled the Product;
  • you did not use the Product in a way that a reasonable consumer would;
  • the Product was damaged as a result of wear and tear;
  • you broke or lost the Product;
  • you modified the Product, and this modification caused the issue giving rise to your claim;
  • you used the Product for trade, commercial or hire purposes;
  • the loss or damage of your Product was caused by your failure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended cleaning, maintenance or other procedures;
  • the damage to your Product was caused due to natural causes such as flood, wind, lightning, or other severe weather conditions, or Acts of God;
  • the damage to your Product was caused by accident, neglect, abuse, willful act, misuse or theft;
  • the damage to your Product was caused by liquid damage (not applicable to a Product advertised by us as being watertight or waterproof), corrosion or rust, battery leakage, infestation, mildew, or mould; and/or
  • the damage to your Product is non-operating or cosmetic damage where it does not affect the operation or safety of the Product, paint or Product finish, accessories used in or with your Product.


  • Invoice – means the tax invoice issued by us for your payment for the TVSCP Extended This invoice will be supplied with this document when you purchase the TVSCP Extended Warranty.
  • **Manufacturer’s Warranty – means the original in box warranty coverage provided by the manufacturer in respect of the Product purchased. The period of Manufacturer’s Warranty differs for each Product.
  • *Product – means the Product this TVSCP Extended Warranty cover was purchased for, as identified on the
  • Purchaser – the person who purchased the TVSCP Extended
  • Purchase Date – means the date the Product was purchased, as stated on the
  • We, us or our – means Brand Developers Limited, trading as “TVShop”.
  • you or your – means the person who has purchased the TVSCP Extended Warranty cover together with the Product.