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Charcoal Express Kool Grill - TVShop
Charcoal Express Kool Grill - TVShop
Charcoal Express Kool Grill - TVShop
Charcoal Express Kool Grill - TVShop
Charcoal Express Kool Grill - TVShop
Charcoal Express Kool Grill - TVShop

Charcoal Express Kool Grill

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CHARCOAL EXPRESS KOOL GRILL is the portable BBQ which you can take anywhere - the beach, the boat, the park!

The secret is Kool Grills unique airflow control system which gives you precise control over your airflow and cooking temperature. At the same time, it stays cool to touch so you can pick it up and use it wherever you want... 

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Healthier, Faster Cooking


    Ready to cook in as little as five minutes due to the battery-driven fan system that blows air over the charcoal, meaning you reach cooking temperature much faster than a regular charcoal barbeque
    Plus the variable speed fan gives you total temperature control
    Cool Touch Safety Designs Circulating cool air between the inner and outer bowl means the outer bowl remains cool enough for you to pick up and move the Kool Grill – even while cooking
    Stainless steel grill locks the burning charcoal safely so it can’t spill, even if the Kool Grill is turned upside down
    Big enough to cook for up to 6 people
    Over 40 minutes continuous cooking time
    Barbeque Anywhere, Anytime, No gas bottles
    Fully portable thanks to the cool touch design and safe non-slip rubber feet

    Charcoal Express Kool Grill
    Stainless Steel Dome Lid
    Dome Lid Detachable Handle
    Carry Bag

    Product measurements
    H = 26cm
    L= 41cm
    W= 41cm

The Portable BBQ You Can Take Anywhere!

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Kool Grill, Stays Cool to the Touch. Pick It Up and Use it Where ever You Want.

No more flammable gas, or large, bulky grills. The Kool Grill is the ultimate lightweight, portable charcoal BBQ.

Air flow control and even heat distribution ensure your food is cooked perfectly every time. The fat draining bowl makes each meal healthy & delicious.

Use anywhere to cook: Steak, Chicken, Fish, Vegetables, Burgers, Sausages, and nearly anything else cooked on a conventional gas or charcoal grill!



Kool Grill, it’s the BBQ everyone wants to get their hands on! !

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