Toilet transformation

It’s usually the smallest room in the house, but that’s no excuse not to make an effort with your toilet. Sit in style with our top ten toilet transformation tips.
1. Matching mat, seat cover and hand towels. As with the bathroom, coordinating these items will instantly improve the look of your toilet.

2. A wicker basket or attractive storage feature for your toilet rolls. Don’t leave toilet rolls sitting in ripped open plastic wrapping. A more intentional display is much more attractive.

3. A little rubbish bin. Essential for disposing of empty toilet rolls and sanitary items. Change liner weekly.

4. A vase of flowers. Fresh is best, but there are some pretty silk options available if you prefer a low maintenance option.

5. Air freshener. For obvious reasons. Pick from one or more of the natural options detailed in this book.

6. Something beautiful or interesting on the wall or door. This is to be positioned so the person sitting on the seat will be facing it. A large, framed newspaper article works well.

7. Stunning, patterned wallpaper. Because the toilet is small, you might be able to splash out on a pricier design. Think golds and pinks, sliver and sapphire, or one feature wall in glamorous paper and the others in a beautiful paint colour.

8. A magazine rack. Nothing like a few reading options for your guests, if they’re that way inclined.

9. A good curtain. Privacy is desirable.

10. A coloured light or ornamental light shade. Just because you can.

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