Service your waste disposal unit yourself

Your waste disposal unit is one of your most important kitchen appliances. Show it some love and save $$$ at the same time with these handy self-service solutions.
Option one
You’ll need:
1 handful of ice cubes
1 handful of rock salt (regular salt is okay)
Orange and/or lemon peels
Throw the ice cubes and rock salt down first, turn on the unit, flush with lots of cold water. This sharpens the blades and helps to minimise greasy build up. Next drop in the peels, continuing to run cold water. The citrus scent will counteract nasty food odours, leaving your unit smelling fresh and clean, while the fruit acids lend sanitising power.
Option two
You’ll need:
White vinegar
Small orange or lemon chunks (skin on)
Make ice blocks using the above. Throw down the waste disposal.
Option three
You’ll need:
½ cup baking soda
½ cup vinegar
Tip the baking soda into the unit, followed by the vinegar. Leave to stand for 10 minutes. Flush the unit with hot water.

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