Make your laundry fresh & fun

The laundry is primarily a place for doing chores, but that doesn’t mean it needs to be boring. Liven things up while enhancing practicality with these fun ideas.
1. Work a wicker and wood theme. Try rustic raw wood shelving paired with a cane laundry hamper, a woven wicker basket for carrying damp clothes to the line and a simple cane blind for the window. This works well against a pale or neutral colour palette.

2. Keep your laundry products in matching glass jars. Torn open boxes of laundry powder and plastic containers with congealed detergent at the rims aren’t attractive. Replace them with a set of glass containers for a neat and unified theme. Add labels.

3. Pick a fresh and cheerful colour. Paint your walls in apple green or lemon yellow. These fresh, summery colours will give the room a lift and work well against white appliances.

4. Go all white with a chandelier. White to match the white ware with a glass chandelier for a touch of unexpected glamour.

5. Sorting hampers. Keep your lights, whites and darks separate with a triple action laundry hamper spelling out where each should be placed.

6. Well-striped. Wide horizontal stripes can make us look fat, but they can also make a room look wider in a good way. Neutral tones prevent the look from insulting the eyes.

7. Colourful cane baskets. Pick a selection to suit your storage needs and colour scheme, opting for ones with cloth liners.

8. Wall storage solution. If you’re working in a tight space, add wall shelving all the way up to make the most of the area.

9. Add a bench above your washing machine. This can be as simple as a piece of wood affixed to the wall. It will give you an extra storage space or work space for sorting and folding clothes.

10. Mount the dryer on the wall. This is a great way to create more space instantly.

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