Beautiful child’s bedroom on a budget

It’s great fun decorating a kids’ bedroom. Depending on the age of the child, they may have some very specific ideas about what they want! Here are 10 top tips for creating a space they’ll enjoy.
1. Pick a theme. This will guide and unify your choices for a visually appealing result.
2. Use wall decals or a mural. You can pick up some beautiful decals from the dollar store, or create your own colourful mural using test pot paints and stencils.
3. Make a feature out of storage space. There are plenty of options for storage that add to the look of a child’s room, including storage tents, hanging fabric shelves and storage chests in attractive designs. Cube storage is another practical and aesthetically pleasing choice.
4. A rug that doubles as a game or educational item. For younger kids, a road map rug can be fun, while an atlas design can inspire teenagers.
5. String for hanging artwork. You can make a feature of your child’s artwork in the same way you hang Christmas cards. Hang two rows of string along a wall and affix the paintings with old fashioned wooden pegs.
6. Princess canopy. Little girls are often enamoured of this fairy tale classic, which can be created at home with some pretty fabric and drawing pins.
7. Fly the flag. For a gender neutral or boy’s room, brighten things up with a colourful flag pinned above the bed.
8. A bulletin board. A large area where they can pin up photos, posters or personal interest items is always a winner. You could make half of it a chalk board or white board for drawing and writing notes.
9. Go plain with bright accessories. Opt for white or pale tones for the paint and bedding, and add splashes of colour for an eye-catching effect.
10. An art corner. Keep paints and pens off the carpet with a wooden table and chair set for painting and drawing, or a desk and chair is a good option for an older child.

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