Basic concrete cleaning - remove oil stains

As the home of your car, one of the main cleaning challenges posed by the garage is oil stains. Here’s a few ideas on how to keep your garage floor clean.
Basic concrete cleaning solution
You’ll need:
1 cup detergent
8 litres hot water

1. Hose down garage floor thoroughly
2. Combine the ingredients above in a bucket.
3. Apply to floor using a long-handled mop with a stiff bristle head
4. Hose down again to rinse away the suds
How to clean a fresh oil stain on concrete
This method is used by garages and tow trucks attending road accidents.
Option one
You’ll need:
Heavy duty paper towels
Kitty litter
1. Remove as much of the oil as possible with paper towels
2. Cover the stain completely with kitty litter
3. Leave overnight
4. Sweep litter away with a broom
5. Repeat if necessary
Option two – for existing grease and oil stains
You’ll need:
Washing soda

1. Cover stains with washing soda
2. Drizzle water over, to form a paste
3. Leave overnight
4. Scrub with a wet bristle brush
5. Hose down

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