Adult bedroom makeover

Your bedroom should combine tranquillity and sensuality, a place of peace and pleasure that forms the heart of your home. While personal style will guide your choices, here are some key tips for creating a bedroom that ticks all the boxes.
1. A colour scheme that works for you. There are differing ideas on the best colours for a bedroom, with some experts recommending soft shades and others suggesting deeper tones for a cocoon effect. Pick to suit your personal preference.
2. Beautiful bed coverings. Consider a contrasting colour to your paint or wallpaper, for example dark, dramatic walls work well with a stark white bedspread, while soft pastel paint can be a winning back drop for turquoise or emerald green.
3. Plentiful pillows. Different sizes, colours, fabrics and textures. Think velvet, satin or sequins for smaller accent pieces and a few over-sized for comfort and decadence.
4. Mood lighting. A basic reading lamp on each bedside table is a practical option, but make sure there’s another light source with dim or coloured bulbs for romance and relaxation. A string of fairy lights is one way to achieve this, or miniature paper lanterns. A large paper lampshade for the main ceiling light can also work well. Candles are good, but buy the smaller ones encased in brandy balloon sized glass holders. They’re a safer option if you fall asleep.
5. A wall-mounted headboard. If you don’t already have a headboard, it’s a low-cost way to make your bedroom appear more opulent instantly. Something soft or padded amps up the comfort factor, too.
6. A soft rug. If space permits, opt for an inviting rug, perhaps something shaggy and textured.
7. A chair or couch. Another place to relax, accessorise with cushions.

8. Update thrift shop furniture. Second hand furniture shops are great places to pick up a set of wooden drawers and a mirror which can be modernised with some paint and a little creativity. Do your drawers in a light shade and pick a colour two shades darker for the mirror. Replace old knobs and handles with more decorative options for an instant “wow” factor.
9. No distracting technology. It’s not just what’s in your room that matters, what’s not there is important too. Banish laptops, computers, TV and hand held electronic devices (an E-reader may be acceptable). Keep your cell phone out of your bedroom too, even if it means buying a cheap alarm clock. Bedrooms are meant to be places of rest and romance, remember?
10. No family photos or reminders of work. Keep these photos for other rooms in the house so you’re not thinking of specific people as you fall asleep. Work related items should also be kept elsewhere. This can help with the winding down and switching off process.

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