The Renovator Transforma Ladder

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The Renovator Transforma Ladder


Most jobs require more than one ladder. With the Renovator Transforma Ladder you get up to 35 different ladders in 1 portable, compact, easy-to-use unit. Get up close to your work in tricky areas other ladders just can't reach - even staircases and slopes. 

One piece of equipment for every job, in every location, inside and out.

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Strong & Compact


    Super strong,
    Use on stairs and slopes as well as even surfaces
    Unlock the hinge locks, stop at any rung and you get a different sized ladder
    Different sizes
    and different
    Including A-Frame, Step Level, Extension & Scaffolding Trestle Positions
    Slip resistant aluminium Making it extra safe

    1x Transforma Ladder (24-in-1 or 35-in-1)
    2x Trestle Joints
    1x Instruction Manual & DVD

    You can also purchase the Transforma Ladder with an additional accessory kit that includes all the above as well as:

    2x Leg Levellers
    1x Wall Stand-off bracket
    2 x Work Platforms

    24 different sized ladders in one  35 different sized ladders in one 
    Extension Height - 2.69-4.52m Extension Height - 3.30-5.75m
    Step Level Height (A-Frame) - 1.315-2.18m Step Level Height (Aa-Frame) - 1.70-2.92m
    Scaffolding Height - 2x Max* 1.16m Scaffolding Height - 2x Max* 1.45m
    Storage Height - 1.4m Storage Height - 1.7m
    Weight - 19.6kg Weight: 20.8kg
    *Top rung level can only be used as a workbench. It is unsafe to stand on a plank on this level.  

Transforma Reviews

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  • What is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

    The Transforma Ladder is backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If for some reason you don't believe it's the safest, most versatile ladder you've ever used, just send it back for a full refund less your P&H.

  • Does the Transforma Ladder come with a warranty?

    The Renovator Transforma Ladder is covered by a Lifetime Product Warranty.

  • What is the difference between the T24 and T35?

    The difference is based on the size and the number of different ways that you can use your Transforma:

    • T24 is 24 different sizes in 1
    • T35 is 35 different sizes in 1
  • What is the Transforma Ladder made of?

    • High grade aluminium is used to make the inner and outer side rails.
    • Both the inner ladder and the outer ladder units use slip-resistant aluminium.
    • Both the inner ladder and the outer ladder units are finished with a slip-resistant footing.
  • Can I access the manual online?

    Absolutely - click here to view

  • How can I purchase additional accessories for the ladder?

    We have a number of accessories available to buy with the ladder including:

    Leg Levellers
    Wall Stand-off Bracket
    Work Platforms
    Trestle Joints

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