The Renovator Transforma Ladder
The Renovator Transforma Ladder
The Renovator Transforma Ladder
The Renovator Transforma Ladder

The Renovator Transforma Ladder


Most jobs require more than one ladder. With the Renovator Transforma Ladder you get up to 35 different ladders in 1 portable, compact, easy-to-use unit. Get up close to your work in tricky areas other ladders just can't reach - even staircases and slopes. 

One piece of equipment for every job, in every location, inside and out.


Strong & Compact


    Super strong,
    Use on stairs and slopes as well as even surfaces
    Unlock the hinge locks, stop at any rung and you get a different sized ladder
    Different sizes
    and different
    Including A-Frame, Step Level, Extension & Scaffolding Trestle Positions
    Slip resistant aluminium Making it extra safe

    1x Transforma Ladder (24-in-1 or 35-in-1)
    2x Trestle Joints
    1x Instruction Manual & DVD

    You can also purchase the Transforma Ladder with an additional accessory kit that includes all the above as well as:

    2x Leg Levellers
    1x Wall Stand-off bracket
    2 x Work Platforms

    24 different sized ladders in one  35 different sized ladders in one 
    Extension Height - 2.69-4.52m Extension Height - 3.30-5.75m
    Step Level Height (A-Frame) - 1.315-2.18m Step Level Height (Aa-Frame) - 1.70-2.92m
    Scaffolding Height - 2x Max* 1.16m Scaffolding Height - 2x Max* 1.45m
    Storage Height - 1.4m Storage Height - 1.7m
    Weight - 19.6kg Weight: 20.8kg
    *Top rung level can only be used as a workbench. It is unsafe to stand on a plank on this level.  

Transforma Reviews

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  • What is a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee?

    The Transforma Ladder is backed by a 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If for some reason you don't believe it's the safest, most versatile ladder you've ever used, just send it back for a full refund less your P&H.

  • Does the Transforma Ladder come with a warranty?

    The Renovator Transforma Ladder is covered by a Lifetime Product Warranty.

  • What is the difference between the T24 and T35?

    The difference is based on the size and the number of different ways that you can use your Transforma:

    • T24 is 24 different sizes in 1
    • T35 is 35 different sizes in 1
  • What is the Transforma Ladder made of?

    • High grade aluminium is used to make the inner and outer side rails.
    • Both the inner ladder and the outer ladder units use slip-resistant aluminium.
    • Both the inner ladder and the outer ladder units are finished with a slip-resistant footing.
  • Can I access the manual online?

    Absolutely - click here to view

  • How can I purchase additional accessories for the ladder?

    We have a number of accessories available to buy with the ladder including:

    Leg Levellers
    Wall Stand-off Bracket
    Work Platforms
    Trestle Joints

    Call our friendly team today to discuss and purchase