Ear Zoom Pro
Ear Zoom Pro
Ear Zoom Pro
Ear Zoom Pro
Ear Zoom Pro

Ear Zoom Pro

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Ear Zoom Pro, the latest breakthrough in portable sound technology, that can give you amplified super-strength hearing in seconds. Just insert the compact soft-touch earbuds, plug them into the Ear Zoom cordless pocket pack, and turn it on. Instantly, you’re transported to a world of brilliant sonic clarity and vibrant sound expansion, transforming everything you see into everything you want to hear.

The secret is in the active enhancement sound system hidden inside the Ear Zoom Pro. Every sound picked up by the high-quality hidden microphone is then amplified and enhanced and transmitted directly to your comfort fit earphones, so you can hear details with more clarity and distinction than with your ears alone. And advanced high-tech circuitry inside the Ear Zoom Pro analyses sounds coming in, and enhances only the frequencies you want to hear, while minimizing the sounds you don’t. So, voices are louder and come through crystal clear, while background noise fades away.


    • 1.    Looks like a pocket radio
    • 2.    Enhances sound
    • 3.    Cancels background noise
    • 4.    Small, discreet and portable
    • 5.    16 volume levels
    • 6.    Watch TV in comfort, without disturbing others
    • 7.    Great for outdoors and indoors

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