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Bambillo 8-in-1 Pillow Queen - TVShop
Bambillo 8-in-1 Pillow Queen - TVShop
Bambillo 8-in-1 Pillow Queen - TVShop
Bambillo 8-in-1 Pillow Queen - TVShop
Bambillo 8-in-1 Pillow Queen - TVShop
Bambillo 8-in-1 Pillow Queen - TVShop

Bambillo 8-in-1 Pillow Queen

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Replace your old lumpy pillows and add a touch of luxury to your bedroom. 

This unique pillow uses the finest quality of shredded memory foam to provide comfort and support for a perfect night’s sleep.

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A Great Night's Sleep


    8-in-1 Pillow Adjusts and supports every shape, size and sleeping posture, perfectly
    Pressure reducing memory foam filling To ease vital pressure points on your body 
    Unique for you For back sleepers, side sleepers, foetal position sleepers or pillow huggers
    Hypoallergenic Anti static and antibacterial to provide the best night's sleep

    1x Bambillo pillow

    Sizes: Queen (76x48cm) 
    Pillow cover is to protect the pillow only and is machine washable
    Colour: Natural White
    Inside of pillow is filled with shredded memory foam 

Real Bambillo Pillow Reviews

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"I wake up and I feel refreshed. The quality of sleep is there."
- Tsu Chan

"It is the best pillow I've ever had."
- Glenn

"I'm happy, I'm rested, I feel relaxed."
- Tony



  • Can I use my own pillowcase on the Bambillo® pillow?

    Yes, you can but be wary that the Queen sized Bambillo® pillow is larger than a standard sized pillow so standard pillowcases won't allow it to shape and mold as well as a larger pillow case will. Pillow cases to fit the Queen sized Bambillo® pillow are called King. Pillow cases to fit the King size Bambillo® pillow are called Lodge or Super King.

    Alternatively, you can buy the specially made Bambillo® pillow cases by calling our specialists today.

  • What is memory foam?

    Memory Foam has unique qualities. It is temperature sensitive, which means the foam softens when in contact with the body. It cradles areas that normally receive pressure and supports areas that typically do not. This contouring relieves pressure points, increases circulation and aligns the spine and airways. While remaining firm, air is passed through the foam with every movement, dissipating body heat and keeping the user cool. The Bambillo® Pillow is also anti-microbial, inhibiting the growth of mildew, mould, bacteria and dust mites.

  • What are the advantages of the pillow's materials?

    The cover material is naturally anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic, UV protective, breathable and cool, strong, flexible, soft and has a luxurious appearance. It is very warm in cold weather, because the micro structure allows warm air to get trapped next to the skin. But also, in hot weather the material wicks away moisture keeping your head cool when the temperature climbs. 

  • How do I clean my pillow?

    Only the cover of your Pillow is machine washable on a cold/lukewarm water setting (or hand washed in cold/lukewarm water) and can be hung to dry or low heat tumble dried.  The Memory Foam pillow cannot be washed in a washing machine; washing machines are far too aggressive and can agitate the memory foam, causing it to crumble. Hand-wash Memory Foam pillows in a large tub or basin. Use lukewarm water and a small amount of gentle detergent to hand wash the pillow. Only use enough water to cover the pillow. Gently massage the detergent into the Memory Foam pillow, squeezing it throughout to evenly clean. Rinse thoroughly. To ensure all soap has been rinsed from your pillow, it is important to repeatedly rinse your Memory Foam pillow. Thoroughly check to make sure all suds are gone. Do not dry Memory Foam pillows in the dryer. Dry on a flat, clean surface, preferably in the sun.