Before using the Transforma Ladder for the first time, and for best results, please ensure you read the Owner’s Manual enclosed with the product or alternatively you can download it here.  

We've also included a handy un-boxing video within this page to walk you though set-up and first use. 


    I've lost my manual, where can I get another one?

    You can download your manual here. All operating instructions on how to use your Transforma Ladder can be found in the manual. 

    Can I return the Transforma if I change my mind?

    Our 30-day money back guarantee gives you the peace of mind to be able to try the Transforma for 30 days from receipt. If for some reason you choose not to keep it, simply return it to us in its original packaging for a full refund of the product purchase price.

    Can I use the inner and outer sections of the ladders as separate step ladders?

    It is important not to use these as separate step ladders – these are only to be used separately when setting up the ladder in a scaffolding position, where a compatible scaffolding platform is supported by the two. 


    How to use the Leg leveller

    1. Make sure to use the Leveller on the ladder leg that needs propping up

    2. Slide adjustable leg into the I-Beam then insert the wing bolt and tighten the clamp.

    3. Position the I-beam bracket on the Transforma ladder leg with the adjustable leg towards the outside of the ladder. Make sure the I-Beam is as close to the foot of the Transforma Ladder as possible. 

    4. Insert the second wing bolt into the opposite side of the I-Beam and tighten until the leveller clamps firmly to the ladder leg. 

    5. Check to ensure that the angle of the Leg Leveller foot and angle of the Transforma Ladder is parallel. If the angles are opposing thus not allowing the leg leveller foot to rest flat on the floor, the leveller needs to be turned 180 degrees.

    6. Loosen the wing bolt to alter the adjustable leg to the length required to rest flat on the floor.

    7. Once the leg leveller is in place firmly, tighten the wing bolt until it cannot be turned anymore. 

    8. Before using the Transforma Ladder, adjust the leg leveller until the ladder becomes vertical and the rungs are parallel to the ground. 

    Please refer to manual for further instructions


    1. To maintain easy operation, oil the hinge mechanism and lock assemblies with light machine oil every six months and before long term storage. Lubricate more often as use dictates, and during extreme weather conditions. 

    2. When storing the ladder, place in a dry location out of the weather. This will enhance the life of your ladder. 

    3. Keep the rails clean and free of debris so that the ladder will extend and move easily. 

    4. Keep the hinge mechanism clear of dirt, salt spray, or other contaminants that could obstruct proper operation. 

    5. To ensure safety, replace the inner and outer feet when required. 

    6. Check all parts and components of the ladder to make sure they are operating safely and correctly before each use.


    The Transforma Ladder is covered by a Lifetime Product Warranty.

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