Before using the Health Centre Massage Chair for the first time, and for best results, please ensure you read the Owner’s Manual enclosed with the product or alternatively you can download it here.


    I've lost my manual, where can I get another one?

    You can download your manual here. All operating instructions on how to use your Massage Chair can be found in the manual.

    Will it fit through my door?

    Average door frames are 82cm wide - the chair come in boxes 76-77cm wide. You will need to ensure you're able to fit a box this wide through an access to your house.

    How long does each massage session last?

    Each session can last a maximum of 40 minutes, however 20 minutes is the recommended amount of time. Adjusting the time can only be done in 5 minute increments. 

    Where can I place my Health Centre Massage Chair?

    Your Health Centre Massage Chair can be set up anywhere except in dusty environments or moist environments such as a bathroom. Always ensure that there is adequate ventilation.


    The only part that requires assembling is the armrests of the deluxe chair. It takes one person approx 10-15mins to do. All the instructions are in the manual. The deluxe chair comes in 2 boxes – one is the main body unit, the other is the armrests. The main body of the chair only needs to be unfolded once out of the box.

    There are also wheels at the rear of the chair for easy maneuverability.  


    • This product should be maintained by certified agents only. Do not attempt to repair or dismantle.
    • If this product will not be used for a period of time, roll up the power cord and cover the chair with a dust sheet. 
    • Clean with a dry cloth only. Do not use solvents or alcohol.

    What should I do if my controller stops working?

    If the controller does not work, please check the power supply. If it continues to not work – please contact customer service.

    I can’t find the buttons on my controller?

    The black protective panel on the right hand side of your control screen hides the buttons. Open it up by pulling the bottom of the panel to reveal all of your control buttons.

    What should I do if my chair turns off?

    If the chair overheats, the chair will automatically power off. Leave to cool down for at least 30 minutes before turning it back on.


    The HCMC is covered by a 2 Year Product Warranty 

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