Before using the Bambillo Temperature Control Pillow for the first time, and for best results, please ensure you read the Owner’s Manual enclosed with the product or alternatively you can download it here.  



    All memory foam often has a light odour. It is recommended to allow 1 day of airing after opening from its packaging, so that the odour will fade away.

    It is a 'new product' smell, which shows it is completely sanitised - clean and safe upon first use.

    Can I use my own pillowcase on the Temperature Control pillow?

    Yes, you can, but please note that the Queen sized Bambillo is larger than a standard sized so standard pillowcases. A standard pillowcase won't allow it to shape and mould as well as a larger Bambillo pillowcase will. 

    Pillowcases to fit the Queen sized Bambillo pillow are typically King size.

    You can buy the specially made Bambillo pillowcases by calling our specialists today or enjoy the plush, luxury feel of the Bambillo pillow on its own without any cover.


    The Bambillo pillow-cover is machine washable on a cold/lukewarm water setting (or hand washed in cold/lukewarm water) and can be hung to dry or low heat tumble dried.  The Memory Foam itself should not be washed in a washing machine; washing machines are far too aggressive and can agitate the memory foam, causing it to crumble. 

    Hand-wash the Memory Foam in a large tub or basin. Use lukewarm water and a small amount of gentle detergent to hand wash the pillow. Only use enough water to cover the pillow. Gently massage the detergent into the Memory Foam, squeezing it throughout to evenly clean. Rinse thoroughly. To ensure all soap has been rinsed from your pillow, it is important to repeatedly rinse your Memory Foam. Thoroughly check to make sure all suds are gone. 

    Dry on a flat, clean surface, preferably in the sun. Do not dry in a tumble dryer.


    The Bambillo Temperature Control Pillow is covered by a 1 Year Product Warranty 

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