Before using the Bambillo Massage Bed for the first time, and for best results, please ensure you read the Owner’s Manual enclosed with the product or alternatively you can download it here.  


    I've lost my manual, where can I get another one?

    You can download your manual here. All operating instructions on how to use your Bambillo Bed can be found in the manual.

    How do I install the remote control battery?

    Remove the battery cover on the back side of the remote control. Insert the AAA batteries as shown. 

    How do I set the timer?

    The 10 min LED light will flash once, indicating vibration time of 10 minutes.

    Press the timer button twice for a 20-minute vibrating time, and three times for a 30-minute vibration time.

    PLEASE NOTE: Pre-set buttons will move the head and foot of the bed simultaneously.

    To immediately stop the movement of the bed during transition, press any remote control button.

    How do I set the remote control frequency?

    1. Remove the power cord from the wall outlet before adjusting frequency settings.

    2. Remove the battery cover from the remote control and adjust the switch to the desired channel. Wait until the LED lights on the remote turn off (if LED lights are on).

    3. Wait for a few seconds and insert the power cord into the wall outlet.

    4. Within fifteen seconds of inserting the power cord, press and hold the "HEAD UP" button and the "FOOT UP" button simultaneously until the LED lights on the remote control start flashing. When flashing, release the two buttons.

    5. The LED lights will continue to flash until a successful sync with the control box is achieved. The frequency setting is now updated.

    6. If the remote does not sync repeat the process and check the remote control batteries.

    How do I activate the massage function? 

    To activate the head massage function, press the "HEAD" button once. To turn off head massage, press the "HEAD" button again.

    To activate the foot massage function, press the "FOOT" button once to turn off the foot massage, press the "FOOT" button again.

    To adjust the massage intensity, press the massage intensity button The massage intensity increases each time the button is pressed (total of 3 levels) On the highest intensity setting, press the button again to return to the lowest intensity setting.


    All you need to install is to:

    1. Hand tighten all six legs into the bed frame until secure - take care not to over tighten.

    2. Install the power cord by connecting the cord jack to the receptacle on the control box. Be sure the cord is connected completely and securely. 


    To ensure proper setup, use remote and test all functions for 3 seconds. To control two beds simultaneously, connect both control boxes with the control box connecting cable. With the connecting cable installed, both remote controls will operate the bed even if the remote controls are on different frequency settings.

    Important: Always return the base to the flat position when switching between pre-set options.


    What should I do if one or more functions of the bed have stopped working?

    Check under the bed base to verify the wired connections are secure and there are no cords or bedding obstructing the movement of the base.

    What should I do if the remote control lights no longer illuminate or the remote won’t operate the bed functions?

    Make sure the batteries are installed correctly or install three (3) new AAA batteries into the remote control. Ensure the frequency of the remote control is synced with the control box on the bed.

    What should I do if the remote control lights illuminate, however no functions of the bed will operate?

    Check to ensure the power cords are properly connected.

    Unplug the base for 1 hour to reset the electronic components. Plug the base into a different electrical outlet, or test current outlet with another working appliance. A grounded electrical surge protector is recommended with use of this product.


    The Bambillo Massage Bed is covered by a 10 Year Product Warranty 

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