The Renovator Twist A Saw" data-video-width="1280" data-video-height="720">
The Renovator Twist-a-Saw - TVShop
The Renovator Twist-a-Saw - TVShop
The Renovator Twist-a-Saw - TVShop
The Renovator Twist-a-Saw - TVShop
The Renovator Twist-a-Saw - TVShop
The Renovator Twist-a-Saw - TVShop

The Renovator Twist-a-Saw


With 10x the speed of a regular drill, the Twist a Saw is a proven powerhouse in the palm of your hand. 

Cut in any direction - up, down, left or right. Create shapes in all kinds of materials without having to change tools or accessories. For professional results at a fraction of the cost, Twist a Saw is your tool.

The Renovator Twist A Saw


    Cut in any direction Special side-cutting bits let you cut in any direction and create shapes in all sorts of materials
    Advanced Adaptive Electronics  Sense when load is increasing, and will automatically compensate with an increase in power
    Circle Cutter  lets you cut perfect circles for light fittings, hand basins, extractor fans and more
    Unequalled precision and accuracy Cut freehand. Grind, sand, polish and etch in minute detail
    Plunge cut No need to drill pilot holes. Just plunge cut and go

    1x Renovator Twist A Saw 1x Collet wrench
    1x Multi-purpose handle and fence guide 3x Collets (each different size)
    1x Circle cutter 1x Instruction manual
    1x Twist a flex 1x Instruction DVD
    1x Vacuum hose 1x Workshop guide
    40x Paper Stencils  

    The Twist a Saw comes with 2 accessory kits.

    Standard Kit - includes 6 cutting bits and 174 rotary accessories

    Deluxe Kit - includes 11 cutting bits and 270 Rotary Accessories

    Call our friendly team today to discuss the options


    Rated: Voltage 120V
    Rated Frequency: 60Hz
    Maximum Power: 5A
    Speed: 5,000 - 25,000 rpm
    Weight: 2.2 lbs


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    "The best power tool ever!"

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    "You want to do right job once, use the Twist A Saw!."

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    "Twist a Saw has been Fantastic. So fast quick and easy!"


  • What is the difference between the Standard and Deluxe Kit?

    The difference is based on the number of accessories that come with your Twist-A-Saw™. 

  • Where can I buy replacement parts and accessories?

    Call our friendly Customer Service team on the number shown on your screen for parts and accessories.

  • Can I access the manual online?

    Absolutely - click here to view

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