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Turbo Pedi - TVShop
Turbo Pedi - TVShop
Turbo Pedi - TVShop
Turbo Pedi - TVShop
Turbo Pedi - TVShop
Turbo Pedi - TVShop
Turbo Pedi - TVShop

Turbo Pedi

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Are you embarrassed about your rough, dry, callused feet? You sand them and scrape them, but that’s painful and never neat!

Now there’s a better way to treat your feet – introducing Turbo Pedi, the 5 star beautiful foot miracle that removes and vacuums away dry skin, cracks, corns and calluses and leaves behind supple, smooth, satiny soft, younger looking feet!

Turbo Pedi is completely bladeless. The rapid rotating smoothing pad gently buffs away the most stubborn hardened calluses. The secret is gentle callus erasing technology – the buffing pad rotates to reduce, remove and erase ugly cracks,
corns, dry skin and calluses. Plus the built-in turbo vac sucks in and captures the dry skin and mess to eliminate clean-up!


  • Effectively removes cracks, corns, dry skin and calluses
  • Bladeless technology to gently buff away even the most stubborn calluses
  • Built-in turbo vacuum sucks in all the dry skin and mess 
  • 2 colour coded speeds for low or high intensity
  • USB rechargeable
  • Cheaper and easier than a professional pedicure
  • No more need for scrapers, pumice stones or other pedicure tools

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