FastFit Ironing Board Cover

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FastFit Ironing Board Cover

This FastFit Ironing Board Cover Ultimate uses the latest technology and materials to deliver an ironing experience that’s enjoyed by millions of people the world over.

With its unique 3-layer construction, FastFit Ironing Board Cover Ultimate combines the non-slip qualities of a cotton-top cover and a thick felt underlay for a smooth, luxurious ironing experience. Between these is a dense foam core to provide optimum heat reflection and crease removal. Plus, the no-hassle, elasticated, FastFit system, keeps the cover securely in place.

FastFit Ironing Board Cover Ultimate has three very important elements that each add an extra benefit to your ironing experience. The 100% cotton non-slip surface holds your clothes in place, making ironing quicker and reducing the chances of ‘gilling’ where fabrics slip under the iron and cause a rippled effect that’s hard to erase. The dense foam core offers better heat reflection to effectively iron both sides at once, or multiple layers, and really make the most of all that precious heat and steam for faster crease removal, and the super-thick underlay not only grips the board itself but gives you a smooth, luxurious ironing experience.

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