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Peeling hard-boiled eggs is such a hassle. It takes forever and makes such a mess. Now, make hard-boiled eggs the fast and easy way! 

Introducing Egglettes, the new silicone sensation that lets you cook hard-boiled eggs without the shell. Just crack open the egg into the Egglettes pod, twist on the top and boil on your stove top. In minutes, pop them out of the pod for perfect hard-boiled eggs. No hassle. No mess.

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Buy 1 set of 4 and Get the other set of 4 FREE!

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Make Hard-Boiled Eggs Without Peeling The Shell


    Simplicity and Convenience
    Crack, boil and pop eggs out of the silicone pod.
    Efficient Cooking Thermodynamic design allows eggs to cook just like in the shell!
    Easy to wash Dishwasher safe.
    Non-Stick Pods Egglettes are Non-stick silicone pods designed to Makes hard-boiled, soft boiled and mini-omelettes.

    4 Egglettes Pods
    4 FREE Egglettes Pods
    1x Recipe Book


The secret is the thermodynamic non-stick silicone material that allows the egg to cook just like it would inside the shell.No broken egg whites, and no peeling.

Make delicious deviled eggs, tasty egg salad or make a mouthwatering Chef’s salad without ever peeling an egg.

Crack, boil, and pop with for perfect hard-boiled eggs every time. And Eggletttes is great for soft boiled eggs too..



  • Air-Hawk_1.30.png

    Crack Egg into the Pod

  • Air-Hawk_1.32.png

    Boil on stovetop

  • Air-Hawk_1.8.png

    Pop them out of Pod

  • Enjoy your favourite Egg Dishes

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