Rock N Fit

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Rock N Fit

Introducing the next generation of whole-body vibration training…Rock N Fit!

Rock N Fit gives you more rocking motion than any other trainer out there. The secret is its unique elliptical movement producing 1,100 revolutions per minute.

Plus it comes with an attachable seat that’s designed to specially target your core!


Main Benefits:

  1. ✓ 200W Motor provides steady and strong vibration
  2. ✓ Comfortable seat to target your core
  3. ✓ Lose weight and tone up with whole body vibration
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Whole Body Vibration Machine


    200W Motor provides steady and strong vibration
    Lose weight and tone up with whole body vibration
    Comfortable seat to target your core
    Improve blood circulation, strengthen muscles and build stronger bones

    1x Rock N Fit
    10x Rock N Fit Sear
    1x Remote Control
    2x Powerbands
    1x Workout & Nutrition Guide

    Product measurements
    H = 14cm(37cm with chair attached)
    L= 75 cm
    W= 14cm

It's more powerful than a traditional vibration exerciser!

The Wonder Core Rock N Fit exercise chair is an advanced piece of equipment for athletic consumers to integrate into their lifestyle when seeking out a simple, effective way to train their body each day.

Integrated with vibrating technology that will intensify your workouts, the unit works in just 10 minute intervals each day to help with a wide array of different techniques. This could include planking, stretching, back and forth swings and much more that will be accelerated thanks to the advanced design of the unit.


With the exercise chair, your body can be stimulated by the 3D 8-shaped swing rhythm even when you are sitting down. It can increase the activity of waist about 1.4 times! Rock N Fit can help you lose weight, get rid of the fat, build muscle and even correct your posture.



How to exercise?

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