Balance Arch Supports

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Balance Arch Supports

Foot, knee, hip or back pain? Most people aren’t aware of this, but poor biomechanics in the foot can cause more than just foot pain – but knee, hip, and back pain as well. Anyone can benefit from having the correct amount of support in every shoe! With a Balance Arch Support, you will never go without having your feet and body supported again! Best of all, they can fit in any shoe!

Balance Arch Supports comes in three types; Balance Worker, Balance Walker and Balance Relaxer – Call now to see how you can get all 3 Arch Supports for a very special offer. Best of all, the Balance Arch Supports come in 5 arch sizes!

The Balance Worker provides support when you are on your feet all day or need a boost when you exercise thanks to its high lift.

The Balance Walker is there for everyday use; shopping, driving, walking and provides a medium lift.

Finally, your Balance Relaxer is there at the end of the day to give your feet a break, while still giving you the balance and support you should have around the home.

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Free Shock Absorber!

Balance Arch Supports


    Provides support to your feet and body
    Improves posture
    Thin as a pin insole to prevent blisters and uncomfortability
    Help to align your feet and your entire body

    1 x Balance Walker
    1 x Balance Worker
    1 x Balance Relaxer
    1 x 4.5mm Shock Absorber

    Net weight: 86 grams
    Product Composition: Plastic
    Designed & Made in New Zealand

Why do I need Arch Supports?

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- Feet are often underrated.


- Feet support 85% of our body

- We spend 2/3 lifetime with our feet supporting us.


- Poor biomechanics in the foot can cause pain in feet, knee, hip, and back.


Balance Worker (High Lift)


High lift for swing power, balance, running, hiking & sports performance. It provides a higher arch lift and is designed for people on their feet for long periods, or for people looking for a boost in their sports performance. Can be worn in your trainers, work shoes or even gumboots, and you can stand, walk and train as long as you want and not feel tired as you normally do!

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Balance Walker (Medium Lift)

This style of arch support provides medium lift arch support and is for use throughout the day. Designed to instantly improve overall body posture and balance when sitting, standing or walking, and everyday use.

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Balance Relaxer (Low Lift)

A low lift, perfect for tighter shoes while still offering support and balance, but allowing the forefoot to relax after a day on your feet. The Balance Relaxer balances and aligns the entire body! The Low lift is preferred by elderly people and people with sensitive feet. It makes moving around the house, getting in and out of chairs easy, by fitting into any house shoes.

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Poor biomechanics in the foot can cause more than just foot pain – but knee, hip, and back pain as well.


Balance Arch Supports instantly improve your posture & core-balance, and also improve your life, two feet at a time!





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 Welcome to the new world of balance! 

Order today & receive a FREE smooth nylon 4.5mm Shock Absorber - perfect for sensitive feet! 


Available in Different Sizes



If you are a diabetic or have a known podiatry condition, please consult your medical specialist before wearing arch supports. If you are unsure if arch supports are appropriate for you, please consult your doctor or specialist Only to be used by individuals over 18 years of age


  • What is a Risk Free Trial?

    The Risk-Free-Trial is an excellent option for people who want to try the Balance Arch Support for 30 days before paying for the product in full. 

  • What should I pay attention to before wearing?

    If you have never worn arch supports, please begin by wearing them a short time each day, until you are sure that your feet are used to them. If at any time your feet feel uncomfortable while wearing arch supports, take them out immediately.

  • How do I clean the Balance Arch Support?

    • Wash by hand in lukewarm water and a mild cleaner. Dry with a soft towel. Do not machine wash or dry.
  • Does Balance Arch Supports come with a Warranty?

    Yes, it comes complete with a full 1 year standard product warranty. 

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