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Amazing Reach Cane - TVShop
Amazing Reach Cane - TVShop
Amazing Reach Cane - TVShop

Amazing Reach Cane

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When you need a cane, you just don’t need any cane, you need the right cane for you. If a cane’s too tall or too short it can cause chronic pain or muscle strain. If it only has one grip it could cause a slip. If it’s not stable it could cause you to lose your mobility confidence or even make you fall…

But now you don’t have to worry if your canes are not right because now there’s an adjustable dual-grip lightweight quad cane that’s just right for you – introducing the Amazing Reach Cane!

Amazing Reach Cane is a super-strong dual-handle quad cane that even gives you a helping hand with the customised grabber hidden inside the cane that makes reaching up high or down low easy. The quad head gives you mobility and balance on any terrain, two handles for leverage to make it easy getting up and down, plus the adjustable length means it’s suitable for any height.


  • Super strong, dual-handled cane that gives you a helping hand
  • 4 point quad base ensures more grip and less slip when you walk
  • Customized hidden reacher inside the case
  • Double handle design for sure-grip support
  • Reach up high abd pick up fallen items
  • Great for shopping with the handy carrying hook
  • Built in flashlight and audio alert
  • Adjusts to fit most heights
  • Safely supports up to 113kg (250lb)

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