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Help Me Pack

Pack 1.Boppin Bugz (Beetle) + Gloop (Orange to Yellow)

Boppin Bugz (Beetle)

With 3 different play modes, Boppin Bugz will provide endless amounts of fun for your little ones! 'Bop-a-Bug' is the game mode where the bug runs wild, try to catch it as quick as you can by bopping it on the back. However, with a built-in motion sensor, it's more tricky than it looks! If you do manage to catch it, you'll get flashing lights, cool music and sound effects.


Gloop (Orange to Yellow)

Kids are going ‘Gloopy’ for Gloop Lava Glow Putty, the latest fidget craze for idle hands, creative kids and hours of fun. The secret formula means you can play with Gloop for as long as you like, and it will never dry out, fall apart, crumble or leave nasty stains, but it’s totally non-toxic and safe for kids.

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